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If you have PNHA disease where red blood cells are created without a protective protein. This causes them to burst (a process called hemolysis) and can result in serious health problems. Signs and symptoms include stomach pain, difficulty swallowing, anemia, shortness of breath, and fatigue. Life-threatening complications from PNH include blood clots, kidney failure, and damage to organs., you are not alone. OneSource is here to help. A registered nurse from OneSource can provide free personalized one-to-one education and support, give you information and useful tools to help you manage your PNH, and connect you with other people living with PNH. And don't be afraid to talk openly, because any information you share with a registered nurse will remain confidential.

When the conversation involves your medical condition, we'll need your permission to work with others to gather and share answers with you.

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Your doctor is still your best resource

Remember, information provided by OneSource is meant to add to what you have learned from your doctor. Only you and your doctor can decide how best to manage your disease.

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