Printable Brochures

PNH Patient Brochure

PNH Patient Brochure Learn more about PNH with this free PNH Patient Brochure.
Para mas informacion sobre PNH descargue gratis un folleto de PNH en espaƱol para pacientes.

Patient/Doctor Discussion Guide

Patient/Doctor Discussion Guide Download the Patient/Doctor Discussion Guide for help with questions you may want to ask your doctor to learn more about PNH.

Symptoms/LDH Tracker Tool

Symptoms/LDH tracker Tool Track your symptoms, and your lab results—including your LDH. The Symptoms/LDH Tracker Tool can help you and your doctor monitor PNH. Take it with you on every visit and discuss your results with your doctor.

Lifestyle Tracker Tool

Lifestyle Tracker Tool Record any changes in your everyday activities to help you understand how PNH has affected your life. If you prefer a more interactive experience, use the interactive Lifestyle Tracker available only on the PNH Patient Resources app.

Lab Tracker

Lab Tracker Tool Download the Lab Tracker to track your LDH and other lab results over time.

PNH Expert Doctor Farber video

Listen as Dr. Charles M. Farber, a blood and blood diseases specialist, describes how the breakdown of red blood cells, or hemolysis, can lead to a number of symptoms and complications in PNH over time.

Talk to a registered nurse from OneSource™ to get personalized support, every step of the way.

PNH Expert Doctor Friedman video

Why is testing red blood cells not the best way to detect if you have PNH? Listen as Dr. Ellen W. Friedman, an associate clinical professor of medicine, explains.