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Patient Support from OneSourceTM

OneSource Treatment Support

Your One-Stop PNH Resource

Working Together to Provide Patients With PNH the Very Best Care

A nurse case manager from OneSource can provide information and helpful tools to help you care for your patient with PNH. Nurse case managers can:

  • Address questions about PNH and provide tools that you and your patients can use to help track and manage the disease
  • Put your patients in touch with other patients with PNH

Call 1.888.765.4747 to talk to a nurse case manager from OneSource or find the right person to assist you.

Help your patient enroll electronically

Helping your patients know the full story enables them in assisting you with their disease assessment. Download a tool that will help your patients keep track of their PNH signs, symptoms and LDH test results.

Support scientific collaboration in the PNH community by helping offer the international community greater insight into an uncommon disease with potentially devastating consequences. Enroll your patients in the PNH Registry today.

Do you have any questions about PNH? Contact an Alexion Nurse Case Manager for more information.