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Professional Brochures

Learn about PNH

Download the PNH Disease Brochure for Physicians to learn more about disease severity, pathophysiology, clinical manifestations, diagnosis, and high-risk groups for PNH.

Identify high-risk patients for PNH

Download a copy of the International Clinical Cytometry Society (ICCS) Guidelines on accurate identification and monitoring of PNH cell populations. Guidelines include best practices for performing high-sensitivity flow cytometry for PNH and recommended high-risk groups for monitoring.

Diagnose PNH - Patient Subgroups Pocket Card

Download the Patient Subgroups Pocket Card that provides information about higher-risk groups recommended by the ICCS and International PNH Interest Group (IPIG) for PNH testing.

Diagnose PNH - Clinical Diagnostic Cheat Sheet

Download the Clinical Diagnostic Cheat Sheet for more information about performing a full clinical assessment to diagnose PNH.

Diagnose PNH - Patient Subgroups with High Disease Prevalence Tool

Download a toolkit for identifying patient populations at high risk for PNH. The Patient Subgroups with High Disease Prevalence Tool provides specific information about each of the high-risk patient groups for PNH.

Care for PNH

Download and use the Clinical Assessment for Risks of Early Mortality to assess risks for early mortality, and to help improve patient outcomes. This brochure provides a comprehensive guide to early detection of mortality risk in your diagnosed PNH patient.

Learn more about the PNH Registry

Download the PNH Registry Brochure to learn more about the PNH Registry, an international, observational, noninterventional study collecting data on patients with PNH to enhance global understanding of this ultra-rare disease.

Patient Lab Tracker Tool

Download the Lab Tracker, a tool that can help your patients keep track of their LDH and other lab results.

Patient Symptoms / LDH Tracker Tool

Help your patients keep track of their symptoms and lab results. Download a symptoms and LDH tracker tool that your patients can use to discuss their ongoing progress.

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Robust, up-to-date data are essential for proper diagnosis of PNH. View the latest literature on PNH.