Being there for someone living with PNH

PNH can be tough on the patient, making their loved ones a great source of encouragement and care. As a caregiver, you can help a loved one living with PNH and make it easier for that person to live with this disease. Learn as much as you can about PNH and ask how your loved one is feeling day to day. That way, you’ll know when to offer a helping hand and just how to do so.

There’s always something
you can do to help

  • Encourage healthy eating and appropriate exercise
  • Suggest that they connect with others living with PNH
  • Direct them to complimentary resources like OneSource™ and others found on this page
  • Ensure regular doctor visits
  • Help track symptoms and lab results
  • Make sure you or your loved one asks questions to the doctor
    For example:
    • What is this lab test for?
    • What is the normal range for these results?
    • What can we do to get the results into a normal, healthy range?

Never underestimate the important role you play in your loved one’s success.