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Patient Resources


Complete the patient authorization form to enroll in the OneSource program, and begin receiving customized support for managing your PNH.

PNH Community Calendar

Check for PNH community events in your area where you can connect with others living with PNH.

Interactive Symptoms Viewer

Learn how PNH can affect your body. Explore the signs and symptoms of PNH and what they can mean.

Online Resources

Take a look at support groups, organizations, and foundations that can offer you information, advice, and support for managing PNH.

Printable Brochures

Take advantage of the free educational materials that you can print and use for more information and support in dealing with your PNH.

PNH Glossary

Use the PNH Glossary to help you understand words your doctor may use when speaking about PNH.

Patient Viewpoints

See PNH differently by learning more from an actual patient living with the disease.

Talk to Someone

Talk to a registered nurse from OneSource to get help answering your questions about PNH.

Learn how Victor, an actual PNH patient, connected with others living with PNH and how they helped him.

Shared Connection .Speak with someone who is more likely to know what you're going through. A registered nurse from OneSource can put you in touch with another person living with PNH.